Doubles Domination



Vimal Patel

“Out of the millions who play tennis at the club level, there are few who ever become students of the game with a desire to improve their tennis each day they wake up. Most recreational players leave their tennis lesson having already forgotten what was taught. Bob doesn’t forget. He is that rare kind of player who learns and absorbs, and still has a yearning for more. This book is a summation of strategies, set plays and tactics learned over a lifetime to find the ever elusive “chink” in an opponent’s armor to gain an advantage during a match. Bob’s quest and hunger for understanding the complexities of doubles play against various styles of opponents is distilled into a simple analysis that teaches anyone of any level multiple strategies to win. If only all my students could think like this!!
-Vimal Patel, #2 boys under 18 US CHAMPION; #1 1988 Kentucky High School State Champion; #1 1989 Florida High School State Champion; 3-time All American at Stanford University; NCAA National Champion at Stanford University; ranked touring pro; Co-Director, Tough Tennis Academy, Naples, Fl.; inductee into Kentucky Sports Hall of Fame.”

Warren Lem

“ This book is jam-packed with literally hundreds of teaching points from thousands of lessons. It should open the eyes of serious players. If the average club player could integrate just a couple of these points into their game, there would be immediate improvement.”

Andy Yenawine

“This book is what happens when a brilliant mind, a love for the game and a drive for success come together. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for that edge to take them to the next level.”